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Bring long-lasting cleaning to your home or business with the help of GlanHealth’s powerful solutions.​

In just a few minutes, our on-site cleaning services can provide lasting protection through a touch-less application. Our spray cleaners treat hidden and hard-to-reach spaces while covering large areas in a small amount of time.


  • Alcohol, chlorine, and bleach-free formula
  • Environmentally safe and friendly
  • Effectively adheres to all surfaces
  • Non-flammable, non-irritating, and non-corrosive

Glan Health’s spray solution features a non-hazardous formula that is non-flammable and is anti-static, which means that it can be applied directly to electrical appliances and will adhere to any surface. The solution is applied via an electrostatic spray system that quickly and easily covers small to industrial-sized facilities.

Complete on-site cleaning services are available at discounted monthly rates.​

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Sanitizing your home with long-lasting protection is quick and easy, thanks to innovative techniques made possible through Shark Innovative Technologies spray services.


Bring long-lasting sanitization to your business with the help of GlanHealth’s powerful sanitizing solutions that protect up to 28 days.


Reduce cross-contamination for patients and protect health care professionals with Shark Innovative Technologies sanitizing spray services. Provides up to 28 days of protection.

Health Clubs

Reduce harmful microbes in high-traffic visitor areas and all equipment with a long-lasting sanitizing spray solution that keeps on protecting.